When I first came to this country, I was a new wife and a new housewife. It was going to be a few months before I could start working. I could cook very few dishes and was even further away from kitchen management. When dishes lay in the sink, it did not occur to me I should be washing it. Well, in my home back in India, like every middle or upper middle class families, we had a maid that came in everyday. She did all the cleaning.

One of those days, a chance remark got my goat..husband says .. my grandmother would be appalled to see the dish pile up in your sink. How dare he!! I had never met his grandmother. Poor soul! She was resting in Heaven.

So I decided that I would use the dishwasher. Well, this dishwasher had never been used in this house for 5 years and nothing I did would make it work. So we got a shiny new dishwasher. And that was the beginning…

Years and years of arranging dishes , running the dishwasher cycles, loading, unloading, day in and day out. Still very rarely could I claim a shiny sink!

A few weeks back my mind was full and so was my sink. I had plenty everyday stressors and issues to sort out. I stood before the sink and mindlessly started washing them by hand. All the while working out the different permutations and combinations for my stressors in my mind. In very little time, I see I have a empty sink and all dishes washed. My mind did seem a little less heavy. Hmm. ok this is worth googling!

So everybody googles everything nowadays… So I googled benefits of washing dishes by the hand. There were amazing articles out there. Most interesting or the ones I really wanted to believe were those that said you can resolve mental problems when you wash dishes by hand. Ahah! This is going to be my new mantra….

So I wash dishes by hand these days, I am almost obsessed by it. And waiting for a dish to hit the sink and wash it up. I lovingly admire my gleaming stainless pots and pans. And my sink now is gleaming and shiny.. Well, I would be happy to meet anyone’s grandmother now…And when I see someone’s sink full of dishes , I am appalled. How can they?